Re-Vamp Your Tired Wardrobe


The beginning of a school year usually brings about many changes in our wardrobes. Long after we leave school we still revert to the habit of shopping for new clothing this time of year. So many sales! Those of us with children must stretch our dollars to the breaking point in order to keep up with their physical growth. And what do you do with the bag of hand-me downs your child (or yourself) won’t wear?

Here are a few ideas to revitalize your wardrobe by spending little, to no money.

  • Get a haircut. A great haircut can do more for your style and confidence than almost anything else.
  • Switch out buttons! Buying a set of buttons at the fabric store isn’t expensive. With just a little bit of your time your old shirt, jacket, or coat will look updated. You could even add button accents to other items of clothes.
  • Add a strip of lace to a casual t-shirt. Purchase a length of wide lace and add a vertical strip to the front of any shirt from neckline to hemline. Spice up hemlines and cuffs the same way. Voilà!
  • Add trendy belts to dresses and tunic shirts. Adding visual interest to your favorite shirt can make it feel and look new.
  • Wear a scarf! Scarves can be worn in many different ways. Choose to look casual by wearing it around your neck or go Audrey Hepburn style and make a bold statement!
  • Wear an eye-catching headband. Choosing the right headband can take your look from boring to ‘WOW’ without much effort at all. Headbands can be made out of anything: lace, old shoelaces, or pieces of fabric. Try using something unexpected!
  • Choose to wear a hat. Ok, so you can’t wear a hat every day, but if it’s appropriate? Wear one! Give yourself a bold, dramatic look and then rock it! You’ll turn heads.
  • Buy a few new necklaces, earrings or bracelets. Changing up your accessories will go a long way towards reinventing your current wardrobe.
  • Layer your jewelry for a more eclectic style. Better yet, remake them into something better. Inexpensive jewelry making tools and supplies can be bought at any local big box store.
  • Mix and match using color blocking! Color blocking might feel a little too dramatic, but if you’re looking to make an impact when you walk into the room… try it!
  • Buy colored tights. Don’t think you can pull off colored or textured tights? You’ll be pleasantly surprised on the compliments you will get when wearing them. Trust me.
  • Wear bold lip color. Candy Pink is dominating the newest lip color trend. Rocking a red lip is a classic move. With the right bold lip color you’ll jazz up anything you wear.
  • Mix up your choice of footwear! Wear heels with jeans and flats with dresses. This will give your outfit an unexpected quirky style.

The style possibilities are endless. You never know, you might come up with something worthy of starting a new trend. Happy Fashioning!

Paula Nelson-Hart, Provo Canyon, Utah – “I LOVE Savers and DI–but don’t go looking for ‘outfits’. Look at each shopping trip as a treasure hunt and look for accent pieces that have some interesting flair – like beading, unique buttons, trim, etc. then mix it up with pieces you have – jeans and a tee look totally different with a funky accent. Next most important detail is to OWN it – whatever you wear – personal confidence and a great haircut can go a long way!”

Bonnie Austin, Lehi Utah – “I wear t-shirts over button down shirts. Mix it up a little.”

Angie Larkin, Las Vegas, NV – “I love an unapologetic red lip. Mix prints, like floral and dots and get out a color wheel to mix up unexpected combos. Who knew magenta looks great with Kelly green? Buy a good pair of everyday shoes. I love my lacy leather neutral flats.”


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