Fun Halloween Make-up Looks


Whether you love dressing up, or just want a little bit of face paint, these great Halloween looks are fun, affordable, and easy. All the supplies you need can be found at your local Halloween supply store.

Pop/Comic Book Look

First, start with a clean base. Apply foundation and set the foundation with setting powder as one would normally do for an everyday look. Next apply blush on the cheekbones.

After the base is set, the next step is to apply the white dots. The white dots can be accomplished with white face paint. Dip the end of a paintbrush into the white paint and push the end of the paintbrush randomly onto the face.

Once the dots are dry, apply the eyeshadow. Next apply the blue tear under one of the eyes, again with a normal paintbrush (this time use the bristles of the paintbrush).

Now apply the lipstick. Afterwards, complete the final step of applying the black contouring lines with black face paint; outline the tear and the lips, then contour the nose, cheekbone, and neck. The black paint can also be used to fill in strong eyebrows, such as on the model.

Sugar Skull Look


To make this look you need white, black, and red face paint.

First apply the white paint all over the face, avoiding the eyes, tip of the nose, and the lips, as shown in the photograph. Next, circle and fill in the eyes with the black paint. The eyes will need to remain shut so the paint can dry without being disturbed.

Next, paint the tip of the nose black and contour under the nose with a small amount of black paint. Bring the black paint up on the sides of the nose into two small lines.

Next, paint the lips with the black paint, bringing the black paint up into crooked smile lines onto the cheeks. Paint vertical lines to cross the smile lines close to the mouth.

Finish off the look by dipping the end of a paintbrush into red face paint and applying small red circles around the black circles around the eyes. The sugar skull look is all about creativity, so adding more red paint in other locations on the face can be done. You can use any other colors you wish.

Lightning Strip Look

Alternatively, a fun Halloween look for men is painting a lightning stripe onto his face. This can be easily done by painting an outline of the lightning bolt across his face with black with a paint brush. After it dries, apply the blue paint inside of the black outline. This look can be done with several different colors. It is quick and easy, and makes his Halloween look fun and different.

Use your imagination and have a happy Halloween!


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Christine Arrington has been a cosmetologist for 5 years. She specializes in cutting hair and applying makeup. She graduated with her bachelors in Psychology. Currently, she is living in Salt Lake City, Utah, doing freelance work involving speciality looks and photography.

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