Charging on the Go


There’s a new gadget out of Utah to solve those dead-battery woes.

If there was a piece of technology that trumped all others for its affordability and usefulness, it would be the cell phone. In addition to allowing users to make and receive calls at any time, cell phones can also be a mini computer, gaming device, GPS, camera, health tracker and even credit card.

Something this powerful requires a lot of, well, power, but most cell phone batteries can only support a phone for a few days at most before needing to be recharged. For a lot of people, recharging their cell phone is a daily item on their to-do list.

This is a problem that Dark Energy, a Utah company dedicated to fusing the latest technology with mobility and style, seeks to solve. In March 2013, Dark Energy launched a successful kickstarter for the “Reservoir,” a charger that fits in your pocket and will keep your phone charged for a week. The Reservoir was released in November 2013.

At 5.3 inches long and 2.7 inches wide, the Reservoir is slightly larger than an iPhone. It’s capable of charging any device with a USB connector cable—which includes all Apple products in addition to Kindle and Android devices.

The Reservoir’s soft-gel coating and slim design give the charger an intriguing and eye-catching look.

“We wanted to produce a universal charger with incredible power, but we didn’t want to sacrifice key design elements,” said Garrett Aida, one of the founders of Dark Energy. “You would have the most powerful charger, but if no one wants to be seen with it, what good does it do?”

Like the dark energy that accelerates the expansion of the universe, the company Dark Energy is finding ways to accommodate our ever-growing technological society by providing products that accommodate users with mobile, on-the-go lifestyles who want to expand their personal universe.

“You’ll want to have it with you,” said William Lam, the other founder of Dark Energy. “You see, the Reservoir isn’t supposed to just charge your phone. It’s supposed to charge your life.”

More information about the company and their products is available online at


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