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What is Community Orange?

In a world where a tremendous amount of information is available at your fingertips, Community Orange magazine brings you the best, most accessible, memorable, entertaining, and informative articles without all the searching online. Community Orange believes in strengthening individuals and creating stronger relationships and families; ultimately creating stronger communities as a whole by being a consistent reliable resource.

Community Orange magazine strives to support Personal, Social, Family, Home and Business endeavors as we Explore and experience this amazing world of ours. We also strive to support the Civic Minded reader by passing along valuable information and insights into subjects that touch each of our lives, both as members of our local community and citizens of a great nation.

Community Orange magazine is a product of Pixelarius Publishing Worldwide (a subsidiary of Pixelarius Media Group). Pixelarius was formed with one goal in mind: to create and promote Art, Literature, Educational Media, Activities and Entertainment of high quality and positive value. Today, our media group consists of a network of entities and organizations dedicated to support that goal.

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Ryan Poduska Lindsey Joy Smith
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